Essential Aroma is company focused on providing Natural, Hand-crafted products worldwide.

A Family Owned Business


To enhance your well being naturally through extraordinary products and extraordinary service.


From the highest reaches of the earth to the deepest oceans – rich, exotic, botanical ingredients have been collected and skillfully crafted into the purest skin care products.

  • To create harmony in our environment, all four elements must be in perfect balance. To create harmony within ourselves, mind, body and soul must be in perfect balance
  • Essential Aroma is more than a skincare line, it’s a philosophy that encourages fulfillment of potential and healthy more balanced living. We acknowledge the mind body connection and it importance to overall health but also it affects on the choices we as a company make in the creation and production of our products. We are a different kind of skin care company whose goals exceed simply making the best skincare products. We actively volunteer our time and resources to activities that promote health and wellness for people from all walks of life.